Welcome to the Nurse Niche!

Hello and thank you for stopping by The Nurse Niche. My name is Nurse Neesy and this is a space for nurses, nursing students, or anyone interested in the nursing profession. I have been a nurse for 7 years and have worked in diverse areas ranging from correctional nursing , hospice, ambulatory care, assisted living, and telephone triage.

This is not another “serious informational nursing blog.” Yes, this blog may keep you up-to-date on current nursing information or news, however, it will also include other material. The material will range from nursing humor, common workplace issues, nursing school struggles and tips, nurse fashion, and fun or useful products to help make your job or school career easier.

So hang up your stethoscopes, get comfy, and tag along on this new journey with me!!! See you soon….

-Nurse Neesy-

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