Mental Health and Covid-19

May is mental health awareness month and whether it’s from months of being quarantined, front-line working, homeschooling, or working from home, some of us are under a lot of mental strain, anxiety, or psychological distress!

According to the CDC, experiencing symptoms of stress during an infectious disease outbreak is common. If you are experiencing any of the following changes, you may be experiencing psychological distress due to a crisis:

  • Increased intake of drugs or alcohol
  • Changes in sleep or eating patterns
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Worsening of chronic or mental health problems

There have also been reports of increases in domestic abuse cases, which along with drugs and alcohol, are ineffective ways of coping.

To effectively cope during this difficult time, several mental health professionals are offering their services to first responders, older adults, parents, and caregivers alike. Please utilize the the resources below if you need assistance:

Let’s work together to remove the stigma of mental health by never being afraid or embarrassed to ask for help!

3 thoughts on “Mental Health and Covid-19

  1. LaJuana

    Yes -Mental health goes silenced a lot, because people are embarrassed or afraid to talk about the underlying matters,and tend to bottle things all in. Some to a shame that they will be labeled, but to me what is “normal” these days. And now that it’s a pandemic more are suffering. I always tell my friends it’s ok to go and talk to a skilled/licensed person for counseling or just to release, not all situations warrant medication.

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  2. Tosha

    It’s definitely been a strain for me. Having to give birth during this worldwide pandemic is very scary to think about. I always think about what is to come for my child and my family. I am also concerned as a nurse to return To work in this environment now. It would be easier if we knew what to do to treat and control it. Having a rushed vaccine is scary because we usually have time to find what works best for the circumstance. The numbers continue to rise and the whole pandemic has become more politically charged as opposed to caring that these numbers are real people. This increases the amount of anxiety on the individual.

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