Cutting Ties With WHO?

It has been recently announced that the President of the United States and his administration want to formally withdraw from The World Health Organization (WHO). WHO is the world’s leading health organization and its mission is to “improve people’s lives, reduce the burdens of disease and poverty, and to provide access to responsive health care for all people.”

First of all, aren’t we in the middle of a PANDEMIC? Why would you want to withdraw now? Obviously what we have been doing in the United States to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 is NOT working! Our country also ignored initial warning signs about the virus and it hit us hard. The virus has spread at an alarming rate, people are making a political issue out of wearing a mask, we are running out COVID testing kits, PPE is on the decline again, and there are new symptoms and routes of transmission being discovered every day!

As a nurse or other healthcare professional, how does cutting ties with The World Heath Organization make you feel? Do you feel disrespected because you are a frontline worker and putting your own health at risk? Are you even more nervous because our country will have a lack of guidance from the world’s leading partners in global health responses?

If we do cut ties with the WHO, what does this mean for the US when it comes to the development of a vaccine or finding a cure? Leave your comments below.

One thought on “Cutting Ties With WHO?

  1. LaJuana

    Not only is the United States a critical player in global health, but the WHO is deeply integrated into U.S. public health efforts at home. . U.S. experts work daily with WHO, sharing information and expertise to protect Americans’ health and save lives around the world. Simply put, the United States needs the WHO, even with its imperfections.
    WHO plays an indispensable role on disease outbreaks. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has invested heavily in innovative global disease surveillance to identify foreign outbreaks—(my source CDC) website !

    So to sum it up cutting ties — America will see more outbreaks and even maybe another pandemic!! Sad

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